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jewelry store in america. >>> for many people getting in touch with nature means getting to a national park or exploring a far-off place, but animal expert jeff corwin says go no further than your own backyard. he's out with a children's book series starting with your backyard is wild. he's here with some friends. >> good to see you. >> you're a city guy. did you do backyard exploring. >> my dad was a boston cop and my mom was a nurse and i grew up in a three-family apartment building and i wrote this book because i wanted young people to discover that they need to have contact with nature, but you don't have to necessarily do it in some spectacular national park. >> that was your inspiration. >> it can begin in your own backyard. i really feel american families have lost their connection with nature. so the spirit and the mission of your backyard is wild is to really take families, connect them to the natural world because i believe when you have a connection to nature you're a smarter, more productive and more well rounded. >> the first book deals with salamanders and box turtles and
billion to the airline industry. and there is word the ash cloud will arrive above parts of north america today. some flights in canada have already been canceled. just ahead, the latest on the situation. get this, ann, a new concern that a second, much larger volcano could -- and i want to emphasize, could erupt. >> really something. >>> new details in the investigation of the murder of monica beresford redman, the wife of a successful television producer. right now, he is the only person identified as a possible suspect in her murder. this morning, his wife's family will be joining us. they've got a lot to say about what happened to their girl. >>> what was michelle obama like as a child? her brother, craig robinson, knows better than anyone and what it's like to visit his sister at their new address, 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >>> let's begin with that volcanic ash cloud hanging over europe. first, let's start with nbc's chris jansing, who is in iceland, where there is growing concern about that potential of a second, more powerful eruption. chris, good morning. >> reporter: good mornin
the jobs america needs. that's why at&t is investing billions to upgrade and build out our wired and wireless networks. making them faster, smarter, and more secure. connecting small businesses to markets across the country, and around the world. we invest now, because we know it will pay off... with new jobs, new growth, from a new generation, putting their belief in the future on the line. now is the time for investment and innovation. the future is waiting. and the future has always the future is waiting. and the future has always been our business. at&t. >>> we're coming up on 8:30 shortly. chuck bell joining us live with the latest weather. >> thanks, kimberly. we are off to a cloudy start in the washington area right now. i think we're going to see a break or two of sunshine here late this morning, early this afternoon before another chance for rain showers with embedded thunderstorms comes our way later today. temperatures in the mid 50s right now around washington. already warmer air to our south. quantico 60. the last of the morning rain showers now onto the eastern shor
the great depression and the president was quick to jump on-board. on the road in main street, america, it was the president who first told folks in quincy, illinois -- >> it appears an agreement may be at hand -- >> reporter: -- that a wall street reform bill would finally be debated in the senate. >> you shouldn't have to wait another day for the protection from some of the practices that got us into this mess. >> reporter: it's so important to the president that on air force one, he made a rare trip back to the press section. >> i hope that we can get this done quickly, reconcile it with the work that was done over on the house side and i can sign this bill into law very soon. >> reporter: just hours earlier, compromise wouldn't fly. republicans and one democrat had stalled the financial reform bill, demanding changes be made first. democratic majority leader harry reid lashed out and called them unpatriotic. >> all the talk of the republicans about wanting to do something about this bill before it gets on the floor is really anti-senate and anti-american. >> reporter: democrats had
america runs on dunkin'. >>> good morning. breaking news. emergency crews search for 11 workers missing after a powerful explosion of an oil rig off the coast of louisiana as 100 survivors arrive on shore overnight. >>> completely false. president obama tells cnbc there is no connection between the s.e.c.'s lawsuitgainst financial giant goldman sachs and his push for financial reform as he heads to new york this morning to make his case to tighten regulations on banks. >>> and "today" exclusive -- how are michael jackson's children holding up ten months after their father's death? michael's sister, rebbie jackson, is here to tell us in her first interview since the singer's death "today," thursday, april 22nd, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and welcome to "today" on this thursday morning, i'm meredith vieira. >> i'm matt lauer. >>> the coast guard has a big job on its hands searching the floodwaters some 50 miles off the louisiana shore around that still-burning oil rig looking for any signs of those 11 workers still missing. >> the powerful explosion ha
, mike? that's really the question. whether or not he gets past all of this stuff and people in america do like -- they do like a turnaround. they do like a comeback story. it's probably too early to use that word with the tiger woods' story. but if he does really well, if he actually even wins, could he change the tenor of the conversation? >> ultimately, his golf is the only thing that changes the subject and winning changes the subject. so, clearly, that's been his plan, as he gets through this mine field to get through the first tee on thursday. that's what these last few weeks have been -- how do i get to the first tee with whatever dignity i have still intact. >> and if he doesn't? >> well, then people are going to still look at the guy who sent the text messages, a guy who ended up unconscious on the street on thanksgiving night. he doesn't get past this with sound bites or saying he's returning to buddhism. it's going to take more than four months and i don't think he's willing to do that. and so today i think it will be a nuanced, careful performance and it will be evaluated al
quarterly profit reports from bank of america as well as general electric, the parent company of this network. we should note that both stocks of bank of america and ge are sitting at levels not seen before the financial crisis. meantime, two airlines could be in merger talks once again. reports say continental and united are talking once again. analysts say a move to merge could actually help with revenues and cut costs. >> melissa lee, thanks so much. >>> pope benedict celebrated his 83rd birthday at the vatican by a visit to his brother. tomorrow he'll go to malta, his first trip abroad since the sex abuse scandal. let's go back outside to meredith. >>> coming up next, new leads in the disappearance of brittany directional drexel. her mother speaks out in a live interview after this. one that's backed by a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. and named a consumers digest best buy, two years in a row. discover malibu for yourself and see why over a thousand people a day are switching to chevy. during the spring event, qualified lessees can get a low mileage lease on this new ma
. >> racial profiling is illegal and it will not be tolerated in america and it certainly will not be tolerated in arizona. >> reporter: critics called the new law unconstitutional, setting the stage for a showdown in court. the law is set to take effect this summer and the governor has called for training so she says any violations of civil rights are avoided. lester? >> and jose the fact that this law does not take effect for several months, that obviously opens up a window for legal challenges, are they expected and could it delay the implementation of this law? >> reporter: great question, as a matter of fact because the government took a couple of days to decide one way or another, some organizations were preparing to file papers. in fact yesterday on my news program, maldaf in los angeles said they're already getting ready to file papers, the question is will this law take effect and start, organizations say, affecting hispanics in the near future? >> a lwas there also a secondar motive here to light a fire under the federal government? george bush couldn't get it do
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-taxed? >> towns across america hasn't kept pace with what's going on with real estate values. values have jumped down more than 30% nationwide, yet people are being charged based on what their home used to be worth. you don't have to moan about it. you can do something about it. >> you don't necessarily have to hire an attorney to do this. >> no, you don't. a lot of people think you need an attorney or professional whose line of business it is. attorneys usually charge anywhere between 10% and 15% of the first two years' savings. >> money out of your pocket. >> if you're not going to do anything, that's a better course of action than doing nothing at all. >> first of all, you say you should know how your town assesses your property. >> the reason for that is every town is different across america. most towns, a great majority of them, do it every three to four years and use the month of june to do the reassessment. you usually have a one-month window to file your reassessment. >> the idea, if they do it every three to four years, like you say, they've missed this had whole economic down tls durn
,000. >> that is one of the oldest cities in america. it is a picture-perfect city. why i like this house, it is very different the way you'd picture a southern home. the only thing it has in common with your stereotype home is it is partially white on the outside. everything about this home is very, very modern. it is actually a mid-century home and it was way ahead of its time. it shows -- it wears the test of time very well. there is original parquet flooring throughout the home, a gracious entry foyer combined with a living/dining room. family room also has a fireplace. the kitchen is totally modern. what it has against which we can't quite see is an adjacent breakfast area. that also opens on to a back deck. there is also a spare room in this house that's being used as an art studio because they can't think of what else to do with it. there are enough rooms. it is 20 by 20 feet big. sliding doors open on to the shady garden in the backyard. >> savannah is great for tourism. >> people love savannah. >> next, freemont, nebraska listed for $440,000. as you can see we're working our way down in the
when he made it to the tallest peak in north america, alaska's mount mckinley, answer treatmently tricky climb. he's aiming to climb the highest mountains on all seven continents. when he's not climbing mountains, jordan lives with his mom in big bear lake, california. >> for jordan, our life has always been outdoors, skiing, biking and an outdoor lifestyle so climbing a mountain down the seek as shocking to our family as it maybe would for another. >> reporter: but everest with its high all theitudtitude and treacherous weather provides its own challenges. a highly experienced climber and guide who knows everest well is the president of alpine's scents in seattle. >> i hope he has a good time, have fun but be safe. conditions aren't good, if he doesn't feel good, anything seems wrong, turn around. >> reporter: jordan will take on everest with his father, his father's girlfriend, and a group of shirpsa. if they succeed, six down, one to go, mount vincent in antarctica. for "today," george lewis, nbc news, los angeles. >> 13-year-old jordan romero is with the from the north side of
, treasury secretary tim geithner speaks out about america's frustration and when he thinks some of those lost jobs will be coming back. >>> and, oops. a batter hits a foul ball into the stands, and guess who he hits? his own mother. she's okay, but you won't believe why she's still mad at her son "today," thursday, april 1st, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a thursday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm ann curry in for meredith this morning. happy april fools' day. i got my eyes on you. pictures are really dramatic from the flooding. >> it will be weeks before things start getting back to any sense of normalcy. new evacuations were ordered on wednesday, those in parts of massachusetts and rhode island. several bridges were washed out by the rising floodwaters, and this morning, this one is on the verge of collapse. we'll get a live report on that tense situation straight ahead. >>> also ahead this morning, learning more about the severity of the bullying endured by 15-year-old phoebe prince. she committed suicide after sufferin
, dick morris, a veteran political strategist and author of the new book, "2010 take back america a battle plan." hi, dick, it is nice to see you. good morning. >> i'm not silenced. >> he brings together 47 leaders of these nations in washington. they get together, he says it's the number one threat facing u.s. national security, the idea that nuclear weapons could fall into the hands of terrorists. is there something wrong with this strategy? >> yeah. we point it out in our book. the nation that is most likely to put nukes in the hands of terrorists is iran. when they acquire it. and the united states, both under bush and obama, has been totally ineffectual in slowing down the iranian program. >> one of the things that came out of this meeting, china now seems to be on-board with tougher sanctions against iran. that's a major accomplishment. isn't it? >> yeah, but the sanction that would work is the one that both houses of congress have approved but the president has yet to implement, which is to cut off the supply of gasoline imports to iran. iran imports 40% of its gasoline fro
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business has a lot of america's nasa heroes -- let me say that again. some of nasa's heroes are very concerned about the future of manned spaceflight. >> that's one small step for man -- >> reporter: it is an argument over the future of america's space program that has put the first two men who ever walked on the moon on opposite sides. buzz aldrin supports the president's plan for private companies to ferry astronauts to the space station. >> it was that way in the aviation industry. the government stimulated air travel for the airlines by financing the delivery of the mail. and i think that's the way that transportation in space should evolve. >> reporter: while neil armstrong and others don't like going commercial and don't like abandoning nasa's constellation program, a troubled effort to launch astronauts to the space station, the moon, and beyond. >> in one slash of the budget, and going to a "commercial" way of doing things, we're going to destroy, we're going to say let's just start over. and it just can't be done that easy or that quickly. >> reporter: here's what's certain
hopes to forge a bipartisan consensus on ways to improve america's fiscal health. >>> a federal appeals court has ruled a class action lawsuit against walmart can go forward. the lawsuit covers more than 1 million employees and accuses the company of discriminating in the way it pays female workers. >>> overseas markets are mostly lower this morning. cnbc's trish regan is at the new york stock exchange. what's the focus today? >> well, comes right back to goldman sachs. every eye on the street is going to be on this investment bank today watching these hearings. it is not just goldman that's in focus here but the entire financial sector. we'll have to watch those stocks very carefully. the concern right here on wall street is if we do start to see significant financial reform -- and there is political pressure mounting to that -- no doubt, what will that mean for bank earnings? that's the discussion. they're also watching some of the european markets and the fed begins its two-day meeting on interest rates. >> trish regan, thanks. >>> a most unusual protest in kiev's parliament this mor
's called "america -- the story of us," covering the tale of our nation from birth to present day. >> reporter: adventurers sail across an ocean to start a new life. a nation is born, which becomes the envy of the world. but in search of freedom, friends become foes, and these new americans will wage a war against the world's greatest military power. >> jane root is the executive producer of the series and "nbc nightly news" anchor, brian williams, an avid student of history appears in it. actually, brian, are you a history geek. >> yes, big difference. i'm completely uneducated but i love history and read history constantly. so they asked me to contribute, asked me to speak about different years, and of course i did. >> jane, you're british. did this give you a unique perspective? >> well, throughout the 12 hours you see loads and loads of people who have come to america as immigrants. that's what i did. so i -- just like i think many people are, overall i think it is a fantastic adventure. >> that was the point of this. the mantra here was adventure and excitement. >> it is an e
jewelry store in america. - i love you guys. - we know. >>> back now at 7:43. tweens, kids between the ages of 8 and 12, now account for as much as $200 billion in purchasing power and marketing knows. that's why the federal trade commission has partnered with scholastic to help ildren understand the power of advertising and become more educated consumers. david vladdic is head of the bureau of consumer protection. i have one 8-year-old, one who's going to be in this age group soon. boy, the advertisements they see on tv captivate them and they want what they see. what's the message you are trying to send to kids an parents? >> well, for both we want to teach kids how this think critically about advertising and ask three questions -- who's responsible for the ad, what is the ad saying and what is the ad trying to tell me to do. once they get answers to those questions we be think they can move on to answer the next question which is, is this in my best interest, is this a product i need to have, is this the right product for me. >> what you're really doing is doing the opposite of
, missing madoff and going too easy on banks of america. now by going after the most powerful firm on wall street been it's signaling a more aggressive efforts to hold firms accountable. >> lisa myers in washington this morning, lisa, thank you very much. goldman sachs -- let me introduce erin burnett and simon johnson who are here to talk about this story. goldman sachs just announced earnings this morning, $5.59 a share, significantly better than analysts had predicted. >> it certainly is and continued proof we're seeing recovery. citigroup, jpmorgan, all of them coming out, trading, doing well. a lot of these companies are trouncing expectations. >> i've read a lot about this lawsuit over the last couple of days, simon, as i know a lot of us have. either goldman sachs got caught rigging the system, or they're being targeted for doing something that may sound unpopular but is something that banks do all the time. where do you weigh in on this? >> i think all the banks are rigging the system, matt. >> doing it in an illegal way or doing it just in a way that doesn't sound right to the peo
on the phone with us. oprah, was it you or "good morning america" that hung up on us just now? >> it was certainly not i. i have to say, i was not driving! >> good! that's really good. i think while you were not on the phone we wanted to mention that we did actually already all three of us sign the pledge. it makes a lot of sense. what is the goal of your campaign? what do you want with this one day to do? >> well, the fact that you -- tom costello was doing this story and we're doing five different cities today with friends of the show, having rallies in all of those different cities. i'm trying to put as much focus as much attention on the issue to start getting people to think about it and to obviously go to and sign the pledge just as you and meredith and hoda have just done. i hope that more people will think about this in a different kind of light, will see that it's senseless, will think about erica being 15 bike pedals from her front door and think about your own child. i've talked to people who have been involved in committing these accidents because they we
death of a security guard at the bank of america plaza downtown on february 20. he tried to break up a fight that a up the in front of the building. the guard was a father of two and was shot. the suspect is being held without bail. officers say the driver 7 suv -- westminster. the person was pronounced dead >> take a look at our hd doppler radar. a few clouds overhead. most of the rain will go away by the time the front gets here. take a look at current situations outside. 49 degrees. the humidity is up along with the barometer. the front this evening comes into the area with rain dissipating as the front approaches. we still have warm breezes going into the warm hours. of forecast, scattered clouds. 75-81 is the temperature range. southeast winds at 15 miles per hour. the easter sunday forecast calls for partly cloudy skies, temperatures in the mid 70's. >> it looks pitiful for easter. thanks for joining us. -- it looks beautiful for easter. thanks >>> we are back on this saturday morning, april 3, 2010. and it is a beautiful day here in the northeast. our thanks to everyone who ca
to say yes to some things and need a on new contract with america. that's the point of tension in the party right now which is how do they mount this effective counter to the obama agenda starting this year and paving a way to the figure in 2012. >> set the table for us now in terms of what to expect as president obama considers a replacement for justice stevens on the supreme court. the fact that democrats no longer have the bulletproof majority in the senate. how does that change the kind of person the president will be looking for? >> well, look, was there a lot of sound and fury related to justice sotomayor and she was still confirmed handily. i think the president will number pretty good shape in ter terms of who he puts forward. the nature of the confirmation fight that's ahead. the importance of the election of scott brown in massachusetts. a filibuster is possible, is it really something that republicans want to do? this is an election year, both the bases of the parties will get revved up by all of this, but i think the question of what sort of battle the president wan
're married to was really a stranger all along. >> we buy into the path in america being we go to high school, we go to college, we get married, we have kids and we live happily ever after, but that, my friend, is not life. >> why get married? because it's wonderful to have the companionship. >> andrew, who would only agree to come forward if we concealed his identity admits he's an adulterer. >> beyond the sexual desires and needs that i have, one of the things that i relish is intellectual stimulation. >> reid knows the pain of her affair. her first husband cheated on her for years. >> it was devastating. it really was, when i finally put everything together and faced it. >> but, of course, it's not just men who are cheating. an increasing number of women are also going a stray. >> when did this change happen? it happened when women started to work. >> women cheat for excitement and so do men. >> who have vulnerable to having an affair? >> experts say it could be anyone who is not realistic about what to expect after saying "i do." >> once people get married they have this idea that they ar
body. >> you have total control. reason people are fat in america are three causes. one is hormone imbalance. the second cause is toxic liver and organs. third is sugar addiction. i address those three factors in the book very clearly. >> how much is your body shape really the result of diet versus exercise? how much should you pay attention to what you are eating versus exercise? >> 80% diet. that's why i focus on the diet portion of the book. there are a few foods that you can factor in to your diet that will really balance those hormones. look, america's estrogen dominant because of processed foods, chemicals that we have in our foods. estrogen dominant. i introduce those very clear foods that will help balance that. the only diet that actually adds food instead of taking it away. for the first two weeks i add food to your existing diet. eat all the junk you want but here are foods you need to introduce to start losing weeks and it works. >> lean protein? >> two fruits a day, three vegetables a day. water with lemon juice is very important every day. also oatmeal and two eggs wi
the bubbles. so what they're trying to do is realize america has a drinking problem. our hangover is our belly, literally, and we've got do something about did. >> when you say zero nutrition, you're trying to differentiate -- some people say what's next? if we have a soda tax, we'll have a pizza tax tomorrow or a french fry tax the day after. >> you have to start somewhere. soda and sugary drinks are hugely consumed. the way the tax is set, the more you drink, the more you are taxed. it is one penny an ounce. we're fighting against those 99 cents, 80-ounce soda. everyone is not penalized but it makes people more mindful of this. >> the problem is the fattiest cheeseburger, fattiest ice cream, the most sugary cereal is still going to deliver some protein or fiber or fat which helps with the onslouaught of sugar, get some vitamins and minerals in there. you don't have that with soda. >> this is not victim-neutral. in other words, if i'm careful and only drank one of these a day or one a week, i'm still paying more for that soda because the tax applies to everyone. >> sure. but that's like askin
jewelry store in america. [ female announcer ] have you ever seen a glacier while sunbathing? why not? have you ever climbed a rock wall in the middle of the ocean? or tried something really wild? why not? it's all possible in the nation of why not. royal caribbean's floating nation where you're free to do anything you want. which may be nothing at all. royal caribbean international. visit today. appropriately named buddy. he was a german shepherd, at home with his family's owner when a fire broke out. buddy's owner told him, "we need him," and buddy ran off. >> what happened next is really amazing. a state trooper received a call about the fire but he was lost, he could not find the residence or the address. take a look, buddy runs right out in front of the car, barking, i guess, and convinces the trooper to follow him. not just follow him for 100 yards, but buddy began to run and make turns through these back country roads. >> we're talking about alaska here. it is pitch dark, as you can see, except for the headlights on the car. there are lefts, and rights -- >>
® no calorie sweetener. [ male announcer ] savory. fluffy. yummy. sweet! [ female announcer ] splenda®. america's favorite no calorie sweetener. [ female announcer ] splenda®. have you tried honey bunches of oats yet? every spoonful is a little different. mmm. they got three kinds of flakes. this is delicious. it's the perfect combination of sweet and crispy. i love it. this is so good. this is great. the magic's in the mix. >>> it's tee day for tiger woods, his return to competitive golf officially begins this afternoon when he hits the green at the masters in augusta. this as his sponsor nike airs a controversial new commercial. nbc's peter alexander is at augusta national with more. peter, good morning. >> reporter: tamron, good morning. for tiger woods this day really couldn't come soon enough. he's trying to change the topic from the mistresses to the masters. but even before his first drive here today, he's out through his loyal sponsor nike with a new introspective tiger woods ad. take a look for yourself. >> tiger? i am more prone to be inquisitive, to promote discussion. >> reporter:
in corporate america. you couldn't really do both. with tom's, i feel like we've combined the two. >> what is a typical day like here in the office? >> man, there's no typical day. >> his tiny tom's team has grown to almost 100 employees. it . >> it is amazing to see the strong work ethic everyone has. >> keeps an old guy young, on your toes every day. >> young people are a big part of tom's foundation on campuses nationwide. >> like you feel connected to something, it's -- it doesn't feel distant. >> reporter: these days, blake lives on a sailboat with few personal belongings and dreams of a community inspired by tom's shoes. >> this next generation of young people, we're going to change the world. we need them to. we need young people who really care about these things to get excited and come up with the next business model and to be on chens c conscience consumers. we're really on a mission. >> today is tom's annual one day without shoes where people across the country will pledge to go barefoot to know better what it feels like to go without shoes, something we all take for granted. >>
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twists, available in delicious cheddar cheese or cinnamon raisin. here for a limited time. america runs on dunkin'. get swept up with the big chocolate taste of mocha iced coffee from dunkin' donuts. it's just another one of our delicious, refreshing iced coffee flavors -- grab one today! america runs on dunkin'. >>> 7:30 on a thursday morning, the 8th of april, 2010. as we check out everyone in rockefeller plaza. the heat the last couple of days has been above average. we'll step outside and say hi to them in just a little while. >>> inside the studio, i'm matt lauer along with meredith vieira. also coming up, the new tiger woods ad that has a lot of people talking. >> very controversial. the golfer likes straight into the camera as the voice of his late father asks, "did you learn anything?" much more about that and the verbal dressdown woods received yesterday from the chairman of augusta national. >>> scientists think they may have found a way to tell which smokers are at the highest risk of developing lung cancer, a discovery that could lead to a relatively easy way to reduce that
." >> natalie, thanks. kevin eubanks story he said last night after 18 years of playing america in and out of commercials, he wants to go somewhere where he can finish a song. >> hey, mr. roker. nice to see you. >> you're going to have to stop practicing that taser on meredith. >> don't give him any ideas. >>> let's take a look. we have strong storms today firing up out from the dakotas all the way into minnesota. risk of some strong storms with isolated tornadoes possible from the >>> and a good tuesday morning. i'm news 4 meteorologist chuck bell. we have a cloudy sky outside this morning. a little bit of light rain now in far northern and western maryland. more rain showers are coming southbound out of pennsylvania for later on today. so, take your umbrellas with you. you won't need it now, but probably will after lunchtime. temperatures in the high 30s, low 40s at this point in time. cloudy and cooler day than yesterday. sunshine will be back tomorrow. >> that's your latest weather. meredith? >> al, thank you very much. >>> now to the economy and a major milestone on wall street. the d
bank of america. these are huge failed corporations in america. failure is good. you can't have a free market economy when some people get out of jail free. it just doesn't work. >> talk about what's happened since then. did the culture on wall street change? i mention in the introduction that arguably these banks are as big as they were, if not bigger, and more powerful. what, if anything, in the culture at these banks changed from the bailout time until now? >> nothing at all. h . >> bonuses up 17% in 2009 to $23 billion. >> now they're getting cash. remember the administration says please, very nicely, don't do it again, have deferred compensation later when you see things are okay. the head of wells fargo took a huge amount of cash. when pressed his spokesman said, we had a great year in 2009. excuse me? wells fargo didn't go a great year. they were saved by the government, the taxpayer. >> as you know, legislation is working its way through the senate right now, financial reform legislation. tim geithner said to us on this show there's no way president obama will sign that legisla
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of america's most celebrated icons from elizabeth taylor, nancy reagan, frank sinatra among them. her latest is about the queen of talk, called "oprah the biography." it is an unauthorized detail of oprah winfrey's story. kitty kelly, thanks for coming back. you spent four years researching this book. you say you interviewed more than 800 people. what do you see really as the headline then that comes out to some of oprah's biography? >> we think we know everything about oprah winfrey because she appears to be so open and spontaneous, even uninhibited about her life. but i found with these four years, we don't at all. this is a woman who's got real secrets in her life. now some of her secrets real ly one has helped millions of women, and that was the taboo secret of her sexual molestation. i think that is the signature issue of oprah winfrey's show. and what she really -- a legacy she's going to leave. >> are you saying in this day and age of all the tmzs and vast media outlets in this world and where everything goes public almost instantaneously on twitter, that oprah winfrey is able to keep
america runs on dunkin'. >>> back now with more of "today" on a wednesday morning, the 14th day of april, 2010. the sun is shining over this lovely crowd of people out in our plaza. i hope these people have filed their taxes. if not, they've only got another 24 hours or so. >>> inside studio 1a, i'm matt lauer along with al roker and natalie morales. more on the great news out of florida, this 11-year-old girl missing for four days in that swampy area that's alligator infested, has been found miraculously alive. it happened early on tuesday. we'll get the dramatic 911 call from the man who found her and a live report from florida in a couple of minutes. >>> it is wednesday so our money team is here. good timing, too, just one day before tax day. they're going to have critical tax tips you may need to know before you file. plus, what the new student loan laws mean for you and whether it is a good idea to take money out of your 401(k). all that and so much more in our "money 911." >>> and more of our exclusive interview with kate gosselin. she survived one more week on "dancing wi
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